LEDs are a flexible and cost-efficient way to light up parts, or all of your signage.
illuminated using LEDs
illuminated using LEDs


Standing out from the competition is one great way to attract and retain customer. There are numerous mediums that help companies to achieve this, and one that is being used extensively is LED signage. Although a relatively new addition to the signage industry, LED technology isn’t new, as it has been around for many years.

LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode, which probably doesn’t mean a lot to most people. It basically means when voltage is applied to an electronic component (diode) it glows a particular colour. LEDs can be supplied as either individual modules, or square sections for display boards. LED displays are set up as a series of columns and rows coming in a variety of different colours. LED modules are individual modules that can be manipulated to go inside or around objects to provide illumination lighting effects. Furthermore, a series of LEDs can be programmed so that they can flick on and off to produce different effects such as scrolling messages, spectrum colour change, or change of images.


There are numerous advantages of using LEDs over traditional lighting sources, some of which are highlighted below:

  • LED has less expensive to operate: Leds can be up to 80% more energy efficient than fluorescent and neon signs.
  • Easily installation: Even by non-electricians, although any power connection still requires the skills of a qualified electrician.
  • Long-lasting: Most LEDs will operate in excess of 11,000hours.
  • Easy to maintain: If a module stops working it can be easily changed over.
  • Intense and even brightness. The light is different than other forms and is more consistent across large areas.
  • Weather-proof: There are water-proof LEDs that work even when immersed in water.

Today, using LED technology in signage has become an indispensable part of the signage industry in Singapore. Illumination of complex letterings, logos and some lightboxes are now being done by LEDs, and are performing extremely well as expected. So if you’re considering a lighted signage, LEDs could be a good choice.

Check out our portfolio for some of our works using LEDs as lighting. So if you have requirements for LED signage, contact us today!