Unimax Signage Rebranding

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As part of Unimax’s rebranding, we’ve recently been appointed by Unimax to create a new signage for one of their retail outlets at 16 Collyer Quay, Income@Raffles, #02-01.

Due to the heavy human traffic on normal working weekdays, we’ve scheduled the installation for today. Being a Saturday, human traffic was drastically reduced, which makes it easier for us to install while causing minimum disruption.

Adopting their new logo, we’ve created a lightbox signage with customised frame using acrylic spanning 3,000mm in length and 600mm in height, while lighting was powered by T5 tubes. After installation, this new signage for Home n Office is easily one of the brightest and most prominent sign in Level 2 of Income @ Raffles.

Check out the pictures below.

lighting off
with lighting off


with lighting on
with lighting on

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