Outdoor Frontlit Channel Letters for 10 Winstedt

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SignageMaker.Sg has been commissioned to fabricate an outdoor channel lettering signage with frontlit lighting effects for a newly refurbished compound at 10 Winstedt Road.

With a newly-erected boundary wall and a fresh coat of paint, we positioned the signage to be placed directly on top of the boundary wall. Located slightly above eye level, this ensures maximum visibility to human traffic commuting to and fro the various schools, eateries, self-development centres and start-ups around the area.

The channel signs were fabricated using a mix of materials including aluminium, light acrylic, internal LEDs and wiring, and light permeable film at the sign face for frontlit lighting effects. The whole sign was secured with a horizontal beam mounted onto the boundary wall. Approval and license was also sought from the relevant authorities (BCA in this case) to ensure compliance with existing outdoor advertising and signage regulations.

If you have requirements for such signage, let us know! Meantime, enjoy these pictures!

Day (with lighting off)


Night (with lighting on)