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MerlionKids International Preschool recently expanded and took over an existing unit at 38 Poh Huat Crescent. After several rounds of shortlisting, SignageMaker.Sg was awarded this project to replace all existing signages, as well as the addition of new signs to announce its presence.

The signages of the previous tenant have seen some years of use, and had to be replaced entirely. As much as we’d like to salvage whatever is useable within reason, it is unfortunate it cannot be done in this case. Working closely with the client, we’ve decided on five┬ásets of display signs will be required, namely:

  1. New lightbox signage with 3D cut out acrylic text (facing main road Hougang Avenue 2)
  2. New aluminium box-up letterings company name (facing Poh Huat Crescent)
  3. New unit number
  4. New pillar sign
  5. New banners

Installation of the above took almost a full day, as dismantling the old signages took some time, especially the old lightbox sign, which is not working well. We’ve re-done the power cable, and lighting for the new lightbox is controlled by a timer, which the client can set to automatically turn the power on or off at a pre-determined time, thereby saving electricity costs.

If you know of anyone requiring quality preschool education services in Poh Huat/Hougang area, perhaps you can check them out! Meantime, enjoy some pictures of the finished work.

Lightbox Signage (lighting off)
Lightbox Signage (lighting on)
Lightbox Signage – Left View (lighting off)
Lightbox Signage (lighting on)
Lightbox Signage – Left View (lighting on)
Lightbox Signage (lighting off)
Lightbox Signage – Right View (lighting off)
Lightbox Signage (lighting on)
Lightbox Signage – Right View (lighting on)
Aluminium Box-Up Letterings
Unit Number
Unit Number
Pillar Sign


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