Backlit Sign with backing panel

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As part of their corporate re-branding, along with the change in the corporate logo, SignageMaker.Sg¬†undertook the fabrication and installation of Axway’s new backlit signage by their main office entrance.

This sign was fabricated using primarily aluminium and LED lighting modules. Aluminium sheets were welded to form a box-up backing panel for the purpose of concealing the wirings, as there was no other way to conceal the wirings except for us to run electrical trunking along the wall, which will be unsightly. The backing panel was spray painted in matt white finish.

Following that, the company name and logo was fabricated with the LED modules individually placed behind. An allowance was given between the company name / logo and the backing panel so as to allow the LEDs to disperse evenly onto the white backing panel. A vinyl sticker tagline is used to complete the look.

One common observation among backlit signages is the uneven, and non-uniform dispersion of the backlit lighting effect, so much so that the “halo” outline does not follow the clean contours of the text/logo/design. This is caused by the over-allowance of the gap between the backing surface and the letterings, creating a messy halo backlit effect, which is not ideal.

If you have requirements for a backlit sign, let us know and see what we can do for you. Meantime, check out some pics!