Note: The following information is lifted from BCA, and is re-produced here for reference only. As this page may not be updated as frequently, you are highly encouraged to check with the authorities for the latest updates and information.

A consultation is required to be submitted, together with a copy of the land / building owner’s consent letter for the display of outdoor sign on the property and the following document via the online “Advertisement Licensing System (ALS)“.  A formal licence application can be made when you have obtained the In-principle approval reply from BCA. Please note that an in-principle approval of the proposal is not equivalent to licence issued under the Building Control (Outdoor Advertising) Regulations. A formal licence is still required before displaying the signage.

  1. Where applicable, all the following drawings with dimensions clearly indicated:
    • Visual of the proposed signage showing detailed artwork design and intended position of the signage licence number.
    • Elevational plan of the building showing the position of the proposed signage.
    • Sectional view showing the method of fixing and materials used for the signage.
    • Layout plan showing the relative position of display to buildings, roads or other landmarks.
    • Site plan showing the location of the lot on which the signage is to be erected / exhibited.
      The drawings must be endorsed by the applicant and premises owner/managing agent and, where applicable, the Professional Engineer (PE).
  2. Clearances from URA (special requirements) and/or other government agencies, where applicable.
  3. Approval/Permit for the advertising structure, where applicable.
  4. Appropriate Fee.

For the display of signage on government lands, you may consult the relevant government land managing agencies for more details relating to their requirements:

Please click on the respective links for more submission requirements relating to Special Requirements, PE Certification and Advertising Structure.

(Source: BCA)