Note: The following information is lifted from BCA, and is re-produced here for reference only. As this page may not be updated as frequently, you are highly encouraged to check with the authorities for the latest updates and information.

Before a license can be issued for the following signage, a permit for the supporting structure issued under the Building Control (Temporary Buildings) Regulations is required.

  1. Advertisement signage exceeding 10 metres square that is supported by an advertising structure.
  2. Advertising structure exceeding 10 metres square, or where the uppermost part of the frame, panel,  hoarding, object, support or other type of structure is 4 metres and above from the ground.

Temporary building permit application may be made through CORENET. The application form (BPD_BP09 form) can be found here.

Licence for Signboard(s) or Advertisement Sign(s)
The following are to be submitted upon the issuance of the temporary building permit:

  1. The copy of the approved temporary building permit
  2. A cover letter with certification by the PE that the submitted drawings pertaining to the licence application are in compliance to the approved structural plan and the permit number
  3. Drawings/plans with the certification and endorsement of the Professional Engineer (PE) for :
    • The display of banner sign which exceeds 30 metres square.
    • Timber / metal bars are used for a banner with area that exceeds 10 metres square.

(Source: BCA)