This is the most common question we received, and one which we can’t answer.¬†Without any context and information whatsoever, asking how much to make a sign board is like asking,

“I want to renovate my house. How much would it be?”, or

“How much is it for a buffet dinner?”, or

“I want to buy a car. How much will it cost me?”, or

“I want to go on a holiday. How much do you charge?”

We’re sure you’d agree that the above questions do not warrant a straight forward answer. Even if a straight forward answer can be given, it will be meaningless. This is because it’ll depend entirely on the kind of signage you want produced. You can be sure that the cost of producing a small signage of about 0.5m along the office corridor will be significantly different from an outdoor signage on top of a building spanning a metres wide.

We do not provide quotations over the phone. This is because we receive numerous requests for quotations over phone, and we can’t track or record what we’ve quoted. We want to avoid instances where callers call a few months later and dispute on prices. As such, all quotations will have to be corresponded via email.

We’ll need the following:

  • your design (logo/intended text/graphics to be included)
  • pictures of the intended installation location
  • samples of your intended signage effects (a quick Google image search should yield some results)
  • estimated size

We generally do not make changes to signs / signages / signboards not produced by us. This is because different signage makers have different methods of producing signs, and we can’t be exactly sure how it was initially produced w/o taking it down and looking at the internal structures. By doing so, we’ll potentially risk damaging it, especially if the signage has seen some years of usage.

In such cases, we suggest you seek assistance from the company that first produced that signage for you.

Sure we can. Just provide us with a budget, and we’ll work out something for you.

In the absence of any information mentioned in Q3 above, we want to make sure we recommend something that’s within your budget. We’ll want to avoid proposing something beyond your budget, or proposing something simple when your budget allows for signages with a higher impact value.

Generally, we will only make an appointment to do a site visit when we have some preliminary information from you. See Q3 above.

You do not need a license if you signage is placed within the interior of your business or company. However, if the signage is placed outdoors, a license may be required from the authorities. We’ve put together a section on signage licensing¬†for outdoor display of signages in Singapore for your reference.