Evoke the desired emotions with metal.
hairline stainless steel letterings and logo
hairline stainless steel letterings and logo


Metal signages are known for their distinctive appearance, exceptional durability, and in a league of their own. It is hence no wonder that almost all outdoor signs and signages are made from metal; from road signs, street directional signs, and other prominent outdoor warning signs.

Being a generic all-encompassing term, metal can include aluminium, brass, copper, steel, bronze, and other alloys. Due to their intrinsic characteristics however, they can be more costly than signages made from other materials, and the cost of a custom metal sign depends almost entirely on the precise type of metal being used.

Metal signs and metal letterings are very distinctive in terms of appearance, whether the material is aluminium, brass, bronze, stainless steel, or copper. In addition to signs that display the natural colour of the metal, there are also metal signs which can be spray painted or chemically treated to suit your requirement.


Your business sign is typically the first point of contact you have with clients, customers, and potential employees.  It’s important to choose a sign that conveys your organisation’s purpose, vision, and commitment to the cause. Whether it’s stainless steel letterings, or your company’s logo crisply etched on a fine aluminium sheet, think about how it will appear to your clients, and what kind of message it can succinctly bring across. After all, you only get one chance to make a positive first impression.

As mentioned above, metal signs are exceptionally durable. While all modern sign materials are relatively durable, metal signs do offer some advantages that others do not. Under normal usage circumstances, non-painted metal signs will not fade or crack, even if they are located in a high traffic areas. However, if the metal signage will be exposed to frequent harsh conditions, they’ll need to undergo additional protective treatment such as anodisation or galvanisation prior to installation.  If done the right way, metal signs require little to no maintenance, ensuring years of durability without hassle.


In addition to traditional metals, emerging composite materials like DiBond, Armour Wood, and Alumalite are gaining traction. DiBond consists of pre-painted aluminium sheets surrounding a core of polyethylene. Armour Wood is a similar concept, but the core is composed of plywood, while Alumalite has a corrugated plastic core.

Generally speaking, and some exceptions notwithstanding, metal signs are more costly than other types of signs made from other materials. Aluminium tends to be the least costly option, while stainless steel, brass, copper, and bronze can be significantly more expensive. Hence, it is important to determine your budget, as well as do a brief research on the type of look and feel you want your signage to be, and make a list of your requirements and concerns to guide the conversation with us.

Some examples of metal signage works we’ve done can be found in our portfolio. So, if you have requirements for metal signage, speak with us today!