Note: The following information is lifted from BCA, and is provided for reference only. As this page may not be updated as frequently, you are highly encouraged to check with the authorities for the latest updates and information.

All outdoor signage require a licence before they can be erected unless they fall within the scope of the Outdoor Advertisement Exemption List.

Outdoor Advertisement Exemption List
A licence is not required for the following type of advertisement signage:

  • any single signboard or a series of related signboards displayed outdoors at a business premises with a total area of not more than 5 square metre;
  • signboard displayed by:
    • any religious body;
    • any Government-aided school; or
    • any hospital, clinic, dispensary, nursing or welfare home or hospice, run by any charity (whether registered under the Charities Act (Cap. 37) or otherwise);
  • any advertisement or signboard displayed:
    • on any stall within a hawker centre, food centre or market; or
    • in any underpass, tunnel or mass rapid transit station; and
  • the exhibition of any poster, banner or advertising in respect of any parliamentary election or presidential election in accordance with the Parliamentary Elections Act (Cap. 218) or the Presidential Elections Act (Cap. 240A).

Prohibited Signs
The following signs are prohibited for locations both within and outside the Central Area:

  • Signboards and advertisement signs which are illuminated by means of flickering, flashing and running lights except along Orchard Road, Bras Basah / Bugis and Chinatown (New Bridge Road / Eu Tong Sen Street) Please refer to URA website under circular No. URA/PB/2003/23-CUDD for the boundary of these areas.
  • Advertisement signs on free standing structures promoting any brands, products, goods or services.
  • Advertisement signs on buildings above the roof or roof parapet level.
  • Advertisement signs on public infrastructure and their ancillary structures e.g, entrance & exit structures to Rapid Transit System stations and underpasses, MRT viaduct columns, and kiosks.
  • Advertisement signs on residential buildings and residential component of mixed-use buildings.
  • Advertisement signs located within or in the vicinity of the boundary of airports and airbases.
  • Advertisement signs located over or within any public streets, which include expressways, flyovers, bridges, railings, central median dividers, traffic islands; and on trees or bushes.
  • Advertisements within water catchment areas, public open spaces, nature reserves, waterbodies, along coastlines; and on vacant land.

(Source: BCA)

So with that in mind, what are the license categories available?