Note: The following information is lifted from BCA, and is provided for reference only. As this page may not be updated as frequently, you are highly encouraged to check with the authorities for the latest updates and information.

The display of outdoor signage shall comply with the following requirements and guidelines:

  1. Guidelines for Outdoor Signs In the Central Area;
  2. Guidelines for Outdoor Signs Outside the Central Area; and
  3. Conservation Guidelines. (2.4Mb .pdf)

Where the proposed outdoor signage for the Central Areas are not covered by the requirements in these guidelines, approval from the Urban Redevelopment Authority and other agencies will be required before the licence application can be approved.

Signages on lampposts and banner poles within the development boundary along Orchard Road are required to have the proposed artwork endorsed by Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) before sending them for an In-principle approval consultation to BCA and URA (please do not send it to URA directly as BCA will internally refer the application to them). The corresponding details of ORBA are as follows:

Orchard Road Business Association
91 Tanglin Road
#03-01 Tanglin Place
Singapore 247918
Tel: 67331120
Fax: 67331077
E-mail: or

Application for a licence can be submitted either through the electronic submission portal or in person.

Outdoor advertisement licence must be applied via BCA’s online “Advertisement Licensing System (ALS)”. You can either apply online, or use any of the e-kiosks located at BCA Service Centre to submit the applications.

(Source: BCA)