Note: The following information is lifted from BCA, and is re-produced here for reference only. As this page may not be updated as frequently, you are highly encouraged to check with the authorities for the latest updates and information.

General Display Guidelines

  • The top edge of the banner must not be higher than 30 metres from the ground level.
  • The area of the banner should not exceed 50% of the surface area of the building facade, as measured up to 30 metre from the ground level.
  • A maximum of 3 banners can be displayed on the building facade at any given time
  • Subject to the applicability of the advertisement guidelines, a Category B licence may be granted.
  • All licence applications must be accompanied with a drawing of the banner endorsed by the building/land owner or the management corporation.
  • The banner(s) must be displayed at the business premises or at locations designated by the HDB/Town Council.
  • The applicant must remove the banner upon expiry of the licence, or as and when required by the Building and Construction Authority or any other relevant authorities.
  • The banner must be maintained in good condition at all times. If damaged, the banner must be removed or replaced immediately.
  • For banners put up for a National Event, the brand name of the sponsor must not take up more than 15% of the banner area to enjoy a waiver of licence.

Temporary Promotional Banners within the Central Area

All advertisement signs in the Central Area are carefully controlled by URA and BCA. The approach adopted for the Central Area is to allow all advertisement signs only at designated signage routes. These designated signage routes correspond to the key activity corridors where advertisement signs are compatible with the overall planning intention of the area. However, temporary promotional banners can be allowed within the Central Area subject to their compliance with the guidelines.

Submission Requirements

The applicant must submit the following documents together with the application form:-

  • Declaration Form¬†pertaining to the promotional advertisement display
  • Letter from the advertiser who is holding an event/promotion, giving details of the event/promotion.
  • Letter from the owner of the business premises confirming the carrying out of the event/promotion within the business premises.

Professional Engineer’s (PE) Certification for banners

A PE has to certify on all drawings of the proposed banner that the fixture of the sign is structurally safe. Such certification is required for the following type of proposals:

  • Banners exceeding 10 metres square and are displayed with bars or rods.
  • Banners exceeding 30 metres square.

(Source: BCA)